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Isaiah 42... who will hear ? As he have never told me his name have I start to name him the highest Priest from heaven. I have met 6 highest Priests who look almost the same. I didn‘t knew I should get spirits from heaven talking in my Podcast but in most of the episodes does the spirits enter in to my home and talk the truth just as John16 is talking about. I have told you that there is a hierarchy in heaven. Those from the inner city have most energy and will come before all other. Very few on the meadow is able to come forward and talk to me but maybe a child can hide behind a great energy and come with it to talk because I get a feeling of a mischievous spirit in a child but in the same time serious. I have no organisation behind me, I am on my own but GOD is with me. The name john16and12.com was made for my website in 2015 and I didn‘t knew what should come. I only do what I hear from GOD. I have the SPIRIT OF TRUTH in me and I will tell you and teach you what I hear from heaven. I have been in GOD‘s school and am trained from GOD everything I know. I have been to heaven many times and GOD have coming down and talked to me. I have many titles, man-made but I don‘t use them.The priority title I have is the messenger from GOD.

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8 hours ago

the one and only true Creator, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

8 hours ago

the end is more important than the start ... how you start is of minor importance than how you end

8 hours ago

Are we really free-thinker ? What does heaven saying about to think free ? Talking about alloy

8 hours ago

Prepare me for Jerusalem by take care of my feet. the one and only true Creator, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

2 days ago

The sea-gulls I saw in heaven was those angels who cam to stay in my home.

2 days ago

Part 2 will be later today talking about what was said in this episode.

2 days ago

I didn't knew in the spirit but understood it when I was out from to be in the spirit.Leonard is the English variant of the Swedish name Lennart .... Swedish Lennart change often their name to Leonard to be more like an English easier way to say the name

Saturday Nov 12, 2022

Two different spirits came and talked.

Saturday Nov 12, 2022

The spirit came in so strong so I have no memory of what was said. I am going to listen to this episode to understand what was saying.It is one month until I am in Israel and need support.

Sunday Nov 06, 2022

I know now why the spirit was not ready to come forward because I knew GOD was on HIS way to enter in to my home and talk.

Sunday Nov 06, 2022

A spirit entered in me by flying in to my nose. The second spirit came on my back and in to my body.

Wednesday Nov 02, 2022

Israel helped me to continue to get the medicine against psoriasis. The picture is on one of the six higher Priest I have seen in heaven My Bank : SwedbankAccount# : 8169-5,983 651 616-2Eva Virginius

Wednesday Nov 02, 2022

I hope the hospital in Israel see my bad condition as a spirit placed to test people if they help.My Doctors in Sweden see me as an old ordinary woman because they not believe in heaven or GOD ELOHIM. My Bank : SwedbankAccount# : 8169-5,983 651 616-2Eva Virginius

Monday Oct 31, 2022

I got a answer on my question... Why was I sent to heaven as a woman ?A spirit came and explained and in the end of the episode came one more spirit.

Sunday Oct 30, 2022

Someone downloaded 288 chapters. I was sad because it was only 1 yesterday who did listen on soundcloud.I have no support in money and I hope my money I have enough. If I get some support can I rent a mobile scooter in Jerusalem or else I try to walk even if I know my brain can stop working and I fall, my main work for GOD is to do what HE called me to do no matter if it can be a hard scary situation in Jerusalem.It was December 18, 2000 I started my journey so this date in year 2022 maybe is the end of something in GOD's will.

Saturday Oct 29, 2022

I don't have much listener left and I think someone make this be "dead" because it threat the devil.I will use only youtube after coming back from Israel .... if I will come home... it's in GOD's will.

Tuesday Oct 25, 2022

I didn't understood the Jewish law so I asked heaven to explain and the answer was ... there is only ONE law, the law of heaven.Men can make all kind of laws, rules, religions, traditions but it is heaven that have the last word.

Tuesday Oct 25, 2022

Throughout the Tanach, we find Jews breaking every facet of their covenant with G‑d, joining and forming all sorts of idolatrous cults and heathen practices. Yet when the prophets chide them, they are called “My people, Israel.” After recording this, did I not understand it but a spirit came in the night and wanted to explain it and I said he could do it in the morning instead and he came before lunch and talk about this episode.

Saturday Oct 22, 2022

the Wailing Wall or Western wall it's the remaining wall of the second Temple. The city of David was the name Jerusalem had first and all started on. The City of David was built on a hill of hard limestone, in which underground water created karstic caves. The spring emerged in a cave on the eastern slope of the City of David above the Kidron Valley, and from there water flowed into the valley, watering the terraced, agricultural plots on the slope of the City of David. This area is called in the Bible the "King's Garden"Today, the bed of the Kidron Valley is filled with 15 m. of erosion and debris, which have accumulated over the millennia. During the Second Temple period, a vault was built over the spring, to which one could descend via a long staircase.

Wednesday Oct 19, 2022

Wisdom Comes From God Alone My Bank : SwedbankAccount# : 8169-5,983 651 616-2Eva Virginius  



I have been alone but have never had any fear to obey GOD what ever HE tell me to do.

Coming back to Sweden after 1260 days been homelessand needy in USA and after have rest some years did GOD called me out to visit Israel 3 times, to stay in Africa with the most poor for 3 weeks, visit Portugal and return to USA for 1 months living a normal life in USA but tasks from GOD to do there.

Today am I very close to GOD ELOHIM and heaven.

When I recording an episode for my Podcast, do I get often visit of GOD ELOHIM and HIS Kingdom and they talk to me and my listener.


Eva Virginius

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